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Trace Elements & Liquid Feeds

The Viridis Garden professional range of very specific trace elements and liquid feeds are designed to feed and nurture your flowers, fruit & vegetables. Many plants take up most of the major nutrients such as potash and phosphate during their development phase, but often need extra feeding in peak season to develop the best blooms, fill the sweetest tomatoes or bulk up underground roots such as carrots and potatoes. Thankfully our plants can tell us if they have nutrient deficiencies, we can often diagnose these from some good quality images sent to us at info@viridis or from an in-season laboratory tissue or leaf analysis test.  Most of our trace elements are designed to be readily dissolved in water., which are then available to the plant immediately. Our trace element range are not designed to correct soil based nutrient defieciences, these should be corrected at or before planting.  Our products are much stronger than the off the shelf garden centre ones and small quantities go a very long way and work out more cost effective as customers are buying the nutrient they need in a concentrated format, saving money on both packaging and transport. We do also offer a range of liquid feeds, where trace elements have to be pre formulated with wetters and adjuvants to keep them stable in solution and are not suitable for "home mixing". Our trace elements range from a specific trace element to treat a specific deficiency to mixed plant feeds that offer a correct balance of all the nutrients a plant is likely to need. Available in a range of sizes from 250g to 5kg. If you are at all unsure of the correct product for your needs then please contact us via the chat box or email facility.

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Sulphate of Potash

New Addition


Sulphate of Manganese


Viridis Garden

All Purpose Plant 



Viridis Garden



Sulphate of Magnesium

(Epsom Salts)

Top Seller


Sulphate of Magnesium


Viridis Garden

Complete Tomato Feed


Viridis Complete Brassica Feed


Viridis Ericaceous Feed


Viridis CamunZ


Viridis Nitro-Gro Foliar Feed


Calcinit Soluble


Sulphate of Magnesium

(Epsom Salts)

Top Seller


Viridis Garden Hy-Phos


Viridis Garden

All Purpose Flower Feed

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