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Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What type and how much fertiliser will I need?

There is no easy answer to this, to ensure you get the correct fertilser and the right amount for what you need please use the chat box located below right or email us some more information. We may need to know, the fruit or vegeatble crop, flower or shrub type, grass type, geographical area, soil type etc. Both our chat box and email inbox are answered by BASIS & FACTS highly qualified advisors and though not manned out of normal business hours, we do try to reply as soon as we can. We have a massive database of fact and advice sheets for most types of plant. Each fact sheet has application rates, coverage and the ideal timings along with all the information you need to perfect the cleanest greenest garden, we will happily insert the appropriate one with your order.:

What type and how much  weed killer will I need?

We will need to know what weeds you are trying to control and in what situation, clearly controlling weeds in a grazed horse or pony paddock requires different products to a regularly mowed lawn.  Hard drives and patios are different again. Generally it is much easier and cheaper to control weeds when they are small, please try to avoid them getting too big before contacting us. If you are struggling to identify the weeds, don't worrry, just take a couple of clear pictures on your phone and email them with some back ground information to : 

Why do you charge delivery for your products?

We believe our product range is competitively priced. We pride ourselves on the advice and service supplied and we are rapidly building a very loyal customer base because of this. We only use reputable specialist couriers to ship our products carefully, accurately & promptly to your door.  Please appreciate some of our products are very heavy and to be as economical as possible with postage fees these are likely to be despatched on a  3-5 day courier service. We do offer free courier delivery on all orders over £50.00

Why can't I buy your products on eBay?

We are often asked this, and the simple answer is we choose not to. We are a business totally based around customer service. The eBay platform is very difficult to operate this service from, furthermore some eBay sellers are unlicensed for the products they are selling and are unable to give the correct legal advice or customer service for these products.  Many of our products are completely bespoke to Viridis Garden. We often engage in lengthy conversations with customers finding out their garden problems & requirements and advising on the best solutions to help. Our products are  similarly priced to eBay and we offer easy check out instructions and PayPal

I am worried about applying weed killers, do you offer an application service?

I am sorry we are unable to offer an application service direct, but we may be able to get a third party fully insured & trained operative in certain areas of the country to do the job for you, we will need to know some background information before we pass on the details. 

I am local can I collect from your premises please?

We are very sorry, but we are unable to offer a local collection service. The current Covid-19 pandemic means we are adhering to strict social distancing protocols and are trying to limit exposure to our staff as much as possible. Should you require a product in a hurry then please email us, we may be able to get Express delivery for you. As some of our products are very heavy, unfortunately you will have to pay for the additional extra cost over and above our standard shipping rates.

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