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Viridis CamunZ

Viridis CamunZ

Viridis Garden CamenZ is a fully formulated flowable liquid micronutrient fertiliser containing high concentrations of manganese, copper and zinc for foliar application to treat micronutrient deficiencies on all plants.

Highest Concentration of Manganese with Copper and Zinc
5 times more Mn than a typical liquid chelate
Over 2 times more Mn than a typical liquid
More Cu than in a typical liquid chelate
Valuable Zn provision
Stable suspension concentrate formulation

Excellent Plant Absorption
Substantial Mn, Cu and Zn provision
Quickly taken up by the plant
Very mobile within the plant
Lasting feeding effect

Safe for plants and gardeners
Very kind to the plant
Easy to handle

  • Product Information

    Viridis Garden CamunZ is suitable for a wide of plants including, beans, calabrese,carrots, lawns, leek, lettuce, maize, onions, parsnips, peas and potatoes. 


    Analytical Information 

    33% w/v = 330 g/l Mn
    11% w/v = 110 g/l Cu
    8.4% w/v = 84 g/l Zn

  • Safety Information

    Store in cool dry conditions. Keep away from children, pets and food. Wash hands well after use. Clean up all spillages as soon as possible. Avoid spreading near garden ponds and water courses and dispose of the empty container responsibly. 

    Our trace elements are  of the highest grade and contains very little dust, but to be safe please protect your eyes and mouth with appropriate PPE whilst handling and spreading.  

PriceFrom £7.99
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