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Sulphate of Magnesium

Sulphate of Magnesium

Sulphate of Magnesium or Epsom Salts are a naturally occuring organic salt. They are the highest quality and are easliy dissolved in water. 

Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium is mined from natural salt deposits in Europe which were formed by the evaporation of seawater many millions of years ago.Due to its natural origin and the minimal processing in the fertiliser factories  Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium is suitable for organic farming according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008. Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium has also been certified by the Soil Association (UK) for use in organic farming systems.


  • Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium is a quick acting magnesium and sulphur fertiliser for foliar application. The nutrients are fully water-soluble and are present in the sulphate form (MgSO4).
  • Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium dissolves rapidly and without residue in water and is therefore perfectly suited to foliar application with a sprayer and also for fertigation through irrigation systems.
  • Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium can be used as a supplement to soil application in particular if magnesium deficiency is observed and during periods of peak demand.


Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesiums:

  • Use as a base dressing or liquid feed
  • Apply throughout the growing season as required
  • Best used as a liquid feed.

Tomatoes and houseplants are particularly susceptible to magnesium deficiency. Early signs include yellowing between the veins of older leaves.



16% magnesium oxide

32% sulphur trioxide

  • Product Information


    • Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium is generally applied as a 2% solution (approx. 20g product per 1 litre of water). This concentration can generally be applied in combination with other plant feed products.
    • Generally Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium should be applied at a total annual rate of 25kg ha and, in case of lower water volumes, a repeated application is recommended.
    • In the case of severe deficiency and/or visible deficiency symptoms the application rate should be increased up to 50kg ha-1 applied in 2 to 4 split applications.
    • Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium is compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilisers. The instructions of the respective producers must be considered.
    • Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium can also be applied in an aqueous solution with other liquid fertilisers, ammonium nitrate-urea solutions as well as NP or urea solutions. For this purpose, Viridis Garden Sulphate of Magnesium also has to be first dissolved in water first.
  • Safety Information

    Store in cool dry conditions. Keep away from children, pets and food. Wash hands well after use. Clean up all spillages as soon as possible. Avoid spreading near garden ponds and water courses and dispose of the empty container responsibly. 

    Our trace elements are  of the highest grade and contains very little dust, but to be safe please protect your eyes and mouth with appropriate PPE whilst handling and spreading.  

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