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Viridis Garden All Purpose Plant Feed

Viridis Garden All Purpose Plant Feed

Viridis Garden All Purpose Plant Feed offers a balanced mix of the major nutrients along with a balance of 6 micro nutrients., ( 18-18-18 + B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo and Zn) is a water soluble NPK fertiliser for liquid feeding and contains a full range of chelated micronutrients ideal designed to easliy dissolve in water. 


Suitable for all plants this is a general purpose balanced formula with elevated micronutrient content. A higher proportion of ammonium-N in this 'label' formula makes it more suited to acidic soil and hydroponic systems.

  • Product Information

    Guidelines for foliar feeding with Viridis Garden All Purpose Plant Feed

     • Recommended concentration of Viridis Garden All Purpose Plant Feed in open plot area varies from 5 to 15 g/l (0.5% to 1.5%).

    • In greenhouses, maximum concentration of foliar sprays is 0.5-1 g/l (Test first on small scale).

    • The standard dosage of Viridis Garden All Purpose Plant Feed application can be repeated 2 to 6 times.

    • Fewer applications with high concentrations are possible but frequent applications with low rates show better results (Test first on small scale when higher concentrations are preferred).

    • Use sufficient water to fully cover the foliage, but avoid excessive run-off

    • Best time to spray is late evening or early morning. Periods of moderate to high humidity are ideal. • Temperature range optimum between 15-25°C.

    Analytical Information

    • N18%

      • Nitrate - N9.8%

      • Ammoniacal - N8.2%

    • P2O518%

    • K2O18%

    • B0.05%

    • Cu0.02%

    • Fe0.14%

    • Mn0.08%

    • Mo0.008%

    • Zn0.05%

    • Chloride Free

  • Safety Information

    Store in cool dry conditions. Keep away from children, pets and food. Wash hands well after use. Clean up all spillages as soon as possible. Avoid spreading near garden ponds and water courses and dispose of the empty container responsibly. 

    Our trace elements are  of the highest grade and contains very little dust, but to be safe please protect your eyes and mouth with appropriate PPE whilst handling and spreading.  

PriceFrom £5.99
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