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Whole Peanuts

Whole Peanuts

Whole peanuts are a classic bird food containing up to 50% oil, high in protein, rich in fat, high calorie, rich in essential fibre, and high energy. Peanuts are attractive to a wide range of birds including Tits, Finches, Jays, Woodpeckers and the Nuthatch. 


Typical Nutritional Information:


Peanuts Nutrition (per 100g)

Calories                            114
Protein                               26g
Oils and fats                    45g
Fibre                                   13g
Ash                                        3g
Moisture                              7g


  • Safety Information

    Please try to avoid feeding whole peanuts unless they are in a suitable mesh feeder to ensure adults do not accidently choke their young by feeding them large nuts. In the spring  we recommend feeding our chopped peanuts if you wish to feed from a table or not in a mesh feeder.

    You can buy specially designed peanut birds feeders which are made from steel mesh or wire with holes of about 6 mm so birds have to peck at the nuts and can only take small pieces. You will often find that peanut feeders are squirrel proof too as peanuts are one of squirrels’ favourite foods and they will take the entire supply you leave out for your garden birds given the chance.

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