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Viridis Garden Hy-Nit S

Viridis Garden Hy-Nit S

Viridis Garden Hy-Nit S is an extremely high nitrogen blended fertiliser, that also contains good levels of phosphate, potash and sulphur.  It is designed for plants requiring very high levels of nitrogen. The nitrogen available is in both a quick release ammonium format and a slow release urea, meaning you will get instant greening results and season long plant feeding. Applications should last upto 6 weeks and further applications can be made thereafter. 

  • Product Information

    Apply Viridis Garden Hy-NitS at a maximum of 25 g per square metre either by hand or through a correctly calibrated spreader. 

    A maximum of 2 applications should be made per annum. 


    Analytical Information

    Nitrogen                                                                       35%

    Phosphate                                                                     5%

    Potash                                                                             5%

    Sulphur                                                                           6%

  • Safety Information


PriceFrom £6.99
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