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Soil Analysis Test

Soil Analysis Test

Send us a sample of your soil and we will get it laboratory analysed producing a report giving you a breakdown of the major nutrients and pH of your soil. Results are usually turned round in less than week and we can offer you advice on the correct types and rates of fertiliser you need to apply to get perfect results. 

  • How to Soil Sample Correctly

    Using a trowel or soil auger collect small samples of soil from the area you need testing, you need to sample to a depth of around 15cm or 6". It best to walk in imaginary "W" pattern around the area you want testing, place all your samples in a small bucket.

    Try to avoid collecting stones, roots, palnt material and accumulated organic matter. Mix all of the samples together in the bucket and make a representative soil sample from them.

    We only need 300g or 10.5oz to carry out the test. Place your sub sample into a sealable freezer bag and place it an envelope along with the completed form downloaded and printed off under "Analytical Services" at the top of our web page.. We have completed a sample form too so you can see what information we require. 

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