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Iron Sulphate

Iron Sulphate

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19% Iron Sulphate


Application guidelines


2 - 5 g/m² application rate. Dissolove well into tepid water and apply with a watering can with a fine rose or ideally through a garden sprayer.


For Greening Grass

2.5kg will cover over up to 2500 square metres 

1-2g per 1 litre of water per 1 square metre 

10-20g per 10L of water per 10 square metres.


For Hardening Turf

2.5kg will cover over 1000 square metres

2-2.5g per 1 litre of water covers 1 square metre.

20-25g per 10 litres of water covers 10 square metre


For KIlling Moss

2.5kg will cover over 500 square metres

5g per 1 litre of water covers 1 square metre.

50g per 10 litres of water covers 10 square metre


The best iron/ferrous sulphate on the market! Iron is important to the plant; it is involved in chlorophyll synthesis, occurring in important proteins and enzymes. Iron is also involved in the photosynthetic process and in nitrogen fixation. The availability of Fe increases with declining pH. Iron deficiency in developing leaves prevents cell division and therefore growth. Please note these products will have an adverse effect on moss.


  • Soluble for easy application dissolved in water
  • Micro granule; so totally flowable and easy to handle
  • Hardens sward reducing susceptibility to disease and cold damage
  • Grass responds quickly turning a beautiful dark green colour
  • Discourages moss formation and worm activity
  • Very easily dissolved in water for easy application
  • No anti-caking agent, so totally soluble

Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate (20)   19.5% Fe + 12% S + Mg, Ca & Mn


Iron sulphate is used to green and toughen up grass as well as suppress the growth of moss. This high-quality iron formulation can be used all year round, although it is particularly beneficial during colder spells of weather as it will help strengthen the plant against frost and disease. Iron is absorbed by the leaf giving rapid results and has been known to blacken moss within hours. This product is fully dissolvable in water although good agitation is advised in order to avoid blocked nozzles. This product is ideal for treating large areas such as horse paddocks & amenity areas.

Apply by knapsack or boom sprayer to ensure there is good coverage of the grass and moss. Use 500L of water per hectare to help improve coverage of thicker swards of grass. This particular Iron sulphate has a built in acidifier system which helps to slow the oxidising effect which in turn blocks nozzles & sprayers.


Sulphate of iron is a plant food tonic for ericaceous (lime hating) plants such as Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons And Heathers Full Instructions for usage in moss killing or lawn greening etc, including the required dosage per area etc, are on the back of the Tub. Every lawn is different so we recommend you start light and repeat after 2 weeks with a stronger application if it does not produce the desired result.


  • Moss Control Claims

    Due to recent changes in the law, products which contain ferrous sulphate can no longer be claimed to have control against moss. This is because any product which 'controls' moss is now classed as a herbicide, and this requires the product to have an expensive and complex approval. Due to this, we are unable to claim that this product will control moss; In spite of the fact that the product formulation has not changed since when it was used to control moss with very good results

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