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An equally balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphate and potash. Very concentrated and over double the concentration of "Growmore 7-7-7" products. Perfect multi purpose fertiliser for general purpose feeding of the 3 major plant food nutrients. 


Its balance of nutrients ensures even stimulation of growth in all plant parts, meaning lots of fruit and flowers, abundant foliage and a strong root system.


It is a blended fertiliser ideal for promoting healthy growth on vegetables, trees, plants and fruit throughout the growing season.

For ideal results, Viridis Hy-Round should be worked directly into the soil during dry weather. Make sure to water soil before and after planting.

  • Product Information

    Application rates for Vegetable Plots is: 70g per square metre

    Application rates for General Plants is: 35gm per square metre


    Apply between February and October, and for best results, apply every 4-6 weeks.



    Analytical Information

    Nitrogen                                                                    17%

    P205                                                                            17%

    K20                                                                              17%

  • Safety Information

    Store in cool dry conditions. Keep away from children, pets and food. Wash hands well after use. Clean up all spillages as soon as possible. Avoid spreading near garden ponds and water courses and dispose of the empty container responsibly. 

    Our fertiliser is of the highest grade and contains very little dust, but to be safe please protect your eyes and mouth with appropriate PPE whilst handling and spreading.  

PriceFrom £6.99
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