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A blended high phoshorus fertiliser, also conatining nitrogen and potash. Use for amenity turf, lawns, pony paddocks, trees and ornamentals. 


Safe around lawns, pony paddocks, fruit trees and shrubs 


Viridis Hy-Phos  is a quality fertiliser which is ideal for areas requiring a large amount of phosphate (P). Viridis Hy-Phos also benefits from a low amount of nitrogen & potassium, making it a popular choice as a general feed. This product is widely used in paddocks and pasture as a corrective treatment for phosphate (P) deficiencies, or used at lower rates as a general feed which will slowly release the fertiliser over a 6 week period.


The application rate will depend on how many times you will apply the product, and also what the grass is going to be used for. If you require a detailed recommendation, please contact us for a soil analysis test. 


  • Product Information

    Typical application rates 20-50g per square metre, applied by hand or spreader. 


    Analytical Information:

    Nitrogen                                                                          12%

    Phosphorous                                                                 23%

    Potassium                                                                       15%

  • Safety Information

    Store in cool dry conditions. Keep away from children, pets and food. Wash hands well after use. Clean up all spillages as soon as possible. Avoid spreading near garden ponds and water courses and dispose of the empty container responsibly. 

    Our fertiliser is of the highest grade and contains very little dust, but to be safe please protect your eyes and mouth with appropriate PPE whilst handling and spreading.  

PriceFrom £5.99
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